The 6th Annual E-Summit to be held on 24th Feb 2013, invites from across India, renowned entrepreneurs who share their knowledge and rich experience in the field of entrepreneurship.

The goal of this summit is to foster inspiration, skills, ideas and networks. It is designed to bring together our alumni, entrepreneurs, investors and academia to excel and foster entrepreneurship. Key note addresses and panel discussions on entrepreneurship and new ventures captivate the audience and give them an opportunity to explore the world of Entrepreneurship.

This year the two themes for the E-summit are Social Entrepreneurship and Professionalizing the unorganized sector.

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This year the event will be graced by several stalwarts in the field of Social Entrepreneurship.

Speakers for the day’s session include:

1. Shri Devendra Raj Mehta

2. Team from Yunus Social Business Fund

3. Shri Arunachalam Muruganantham

4. Shri Joe Madith

5. Shrimati Radha Basu

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