Ideas to Implementation, popularly known as i2I is an International B-Plan completion which endeavors to provide an ideal platform for budding entrepreneurs to realize their dreams as we connect them to ideas, money and people who matter. i2I, one of the largest and most serious process of its kind in scale and scope in India, is sure to attract serious entrepreneurs via our networks in the National Entrepreneurship Network, Pan IIM and IIT alumni networks and a large base of working professionals. The core philosophy behind this event has always been not to judge a ‘b-plan’ but to make a robust plan ready to spread its wings.

In order to match the maturity level of the start-up with the appropriate support that it might require, i2I plans to classify the start-ups in 2 categories –Early Start-Up Stage and Mature Start-Ups.


# Any individual or team from across the world can participate. Anyone, from students to working professionals, can participate. There is also no restriction on the age/educational qualification of the team members.

# Start-ups incorporated not more than 12 months prior to 27th Jan 2014 or ideas in development stage are eligible under early start-up track.

# Start-ups older than 12 months by 27th Jan 2014 are eligible to participate under mature start-up track.

# Ventures that have acquired cumulative funding of more than Rs. 10,000,000 (10 Million) from external investor-networks (angels, VC’s, etc) cannot participate.

Early Start-Up Stage and Mature Start-Ups – Read more .

Teams also have an opportunity to qualify to compete in World’s largest and most successful Business Plan Competition at Rice University in Houston, Texas. The teams will get an opportunity to participate in TiE’s International Business Plan Competition and winning teams will qualify for the event at Rice University.

Please see the details of TiE’s International Business Plan Competition here .

Eligibility for TiE B-plan competition will include all criteria set for the competition by TiE.

Note: Teams can be asked to provide proof of the above at any time during the competition cycle.