Early Stage Start-up Track

Early Stage Start-Up Track
# Start-ups incorporated not more than 12 months prior to 27th Jan 2014 or ideas in development stage are eligible under early start-up track.

Round 1

  • Fill the preliminary registration sheet here.
  • Executive summary and B-plan in the form of questionnaire to be uploaded on TiE website portal.
  • Click here for uploading B-plan and Executive summary in TiE website. Read the guidelines given at the bottom of this page for uploading the documents in TiE website.
  • Executive summary should not exceed 2 pages and include the following.
    1) OPPORTUNITY STATEMENT : How would you describe the business to a potential investor? What is the nature of the opportunity and why is it relevant now?
    2) PRODUCT OR SERVICE CONCEPT : A brief concept statement about the product or service. Highlight how the product will be used and what are the unique features?
    3) VALUE PROPOSITION & MARKET OPPORTUNITY/ STRATEGY : What existing problem will your product solve? What is the current size and expected growth of your target market? What are the economies of the market? What is the level of potential sales of your product or service?
    4) COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE : Who are your competitors? What is your edge and what are the barriers to entry?
    5) TEAMS : Background of core members and board of advisors. Why will you be the right people to make this business succeed?
    6) FINANCIAL PROJECTIONS : What do you foresee your start-up achieving in the short term, mid-term and long term? What are your cost requirements? What are your revenue projections?

    Round 2

  • Shortlisted entries will have to make a video pitch over Skype/VC to the judge. This will be an evaluative component for the Round 2. Details about this will be notified later.
  • Shortlisted participants will also receive feedback from mentors on their B-Plan during this round. Based on the feedback of the mentors, the participants will have the option to re-submit their modified B-Plans by 20th Dec.

  • Round 3 (Mentorship)

  • Finalists will be provided dedicated mentorship from experts in the given timeframe. Mentorship would be focussed around pitching to the investors at the Grand Finale.
  • Grand Finale at IIM Calcutta.

    Guidelines to upload documents in TiE website portal

    1.Click on the registration link in TiE website portal.
    2.Create “User Profile” by filling all details given. Please note only team leader needs to create “User Profile”.
    3.Once profile has been created, log in to your account. You can upload executive summary in question no. 2 and B-plan in Q 18 (both in PDF format)
    4.Please mention “i2I Submission” followed by the B Plan title in the Application Name Field.
    5.All i2I Early Stage Track entries will be considered for TIE International Business Plan competition (TIBPC). However, teams can opt out of the TIBPC at any stage before the 26th Jan, 2013.
    6.Eligibility for RICE University’s B Plan Competition has additional criteria which have been listed under the ‘Additional Requirements for Rice Track’ at the link: https://kolkata.tie.org/article/27/tie-international-business-plan-competition-kick-tie-kolkata