B-plan competition event, with an objective to identify a business opportunity in campus life at IIM Calcutta. It is a platform for students to develop ideas for business ventures catering to the tribe of Joka.

Top three entries of the event have a chance to enter the Student Welfare Committee to implement their ideas.

B-Plan Format

Following should be the contents of your B-Plan. All these headings are mandatory and teams are free to add any other heading which they feel is appropriate.

1. Executive Summary
2. Product or service description
3. Customer/Market analysis (market size estimates, etc.)
4. Sales and Marketing Plan
5. Financial highlights (Approximate costs with valid assumptions accepted)
6. Execution plan in Campus


1. The entries should be restricted to upto 3 pages of Word document, Font (Garamond) , Size 12. Size 14 may be used for heading.
2. Individuals must mail their B-plan to [email protected] by 10:59:59 PM, July 11 th , 2013. The subject of the mail should be “Jokanomy “. The entries should be in PDF format and named as “Team_Name”.
3. The teams will be of maximum 3 members.